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Thanks for the kudos...yours is one of the few sites I visit daily.

I love the Bowie pattern...the scary part is it looks like something the Koigu ladies would knit if they dropped acid first.

I used to have the figure to wear all that stuff, but my children have destroyed that for all of eternity...damn them for not being bastards.

Kathy Merrick

Holy Cow, Joseph, you're right!
Justin, any idea who designed that crazy Bowie outfit?
Since I see you're a bit of a fan.
My sister-in-law and I saw David Bowie on the Diamond Dogs tour in Philadelphia.
I had spiky blonde hair, and the coolest teeshirt that had Manet's "Dejeuner sur L'herbe" on the front.
It came from Plage Tahiti, a cool store that's still on 16th Street today.
Was that MORE than you wanted to know?


Best I can tell, the costumes from the Ziggy Stardust period were all designed by Kansai Yamamoto. He is still doing some interesting sweater designs

I do love Bowie. To me, he is still one of the most beautiful creatures on earth

I already told this story to Ken, but on the topic of Bowie fashion, he and Iman are featured in a Tommy Hilfiger spread in this months Vanity Fair. I looked at the pics and said to myself `I have got to get myself a good black dress suit, just like Bowie`s.

Kathy Merrick

Kansai Yamamoto? Truly? I had no idea.
I thought Bowie looked quite fetching in that layout.
It's in US Vogue this month as well.
They are some gorgeous couple.


well, justin, i did flip thru those (thousands?) of pages of ads and perfume strips till i located the one who was ziggy.

and in the olympix spread, bruce weber and his camera made serena williams transmute magically into tina turner!


That Bruce Weber photo of Michael Phelps mysteriously came out of the magazine and on the the bulletin board in the kitchen. Finally, a swimmer in a speedo!

Mr Bowie and the exotically beautiful Iman have a baby who just turned 4. I am betting she is a pretty thing.

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